Lab2Lab Migrator

Everyone knows about migratory birds but have you heard about migratory equipment? Most certainly you have and you also know the pain associated with the process. That is where Oil Commander comes to help you with a noteworthy product named ‘Lab2Lab Migrator’. The product is rich in features so let us deal with only a few of the key features in this blog.

Migration is the key to mobility

We all know that the birds migrate from one region to another. In the same way, equipments migrate from job site to job site. Lab2Lab Migrator manages this process of changes in equipment and their characteristics definition while migrating them.


Adapting to the new environment is a challenge

When birds migrate to the new region they face enormous challenges in adapting to the new environment. Likewise, while equipment reaches to the new dealer, the sample and equipment data needs to be adjusted for that environment. This is what Lab2Lab Migrator excels in: Lab2Lab Migrator synchronizes existing properties with the new properties to adjust to the new environment.


Some properties invariably transform but the others are discarded

Birds transform their beak which makes them stronger in order for them to survive in the new environment. As the seasons change, so do their feathers change, to embark on a new flight. Similarly Lab2Lab Migrator allows the equipment to home in with existing data under the new condition and permits them to grow their numbers ad-infinitum.

To sum it up, Oil Commander delivers a perfect Lab2Lab Migration tool for our customers to transition their sample and equipment data smoothly in the same way as the migratory birds home into a new environment with ease. And the results from using Lab2Lab Migrator are astounding; we cut the laborious cycle of equipment transfer to let you focus on your core business – that is running your Lab. So let us rejoice; Lab2Lab Migrator has arrived.

                                                                                   An innovative contribution from the Oil Commander Team indeed!