What is Oil Commander Plus?

A suite of web based software tools to manage equipment health and inspection of heavy equipment, from the collection of data in the field by smart phone, through the interpretation process and then managing the actions emanating from the recommendations of corrective actions. Oil Commander plus includes everything included in the Oil Commander package too.
Fluid sample laboratory. Manage your machinery health.
Man using tablet to input inspection data in the field.

Inspection Management

A complete software system to collect and manage equipment inspection data. This includes scheduling inspections due, dispatching inspectors, collecting data via mobile devices, having the data interpreted by experts and providing corrective action recommendations in a report emailed to those responsible for the asset.

Equipment Health Dashboard

A web portal to view key measures of a fleet’s health with drill capability to the detail allowing a complete view of a particular health indicator across the fleet or a complete individual machines health. Condition Monitoring Specialists can view a specific piece of equipment in detail, pulling all health indicator data into a single screen with the ability to view the complete equipment trends. Equipment Health Reports can be generated with recommended corrective actions which can be emailed in PDF format to multiple contacts for the equipment.

Fleet Overview Dashboard
Dump body management image.

Dump Body Management

A complete system to manage Off-Highway Truck Bodies/Beds or Bowls including inspection and component cost performance. InfoTrak Bowl provides a framework to forecast and perform inspections on bowls of off-highway trucks, articulated dump trucks and other bowls and calculates wear rates, component life expectancy, cost per hour and forecasts bowl area replacement. Problem areas on the bowl can be quickly identified using the colour coded warning labels and repairs can be scheduled with recommendations and actions recorded against each area.

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Fluid Analysis
The Equipment Management System has full integration with the InfoTrak Oil Fluid Analysis web based management system.
View Oil Commander
View your entire fleet at a glance with summarized information and the ability to drill to the details of specific equipment.
Maintenance Planning
A bird’s eye view of all scheduled activities forecasted for the forthcoming periods with the ability to adjust, and fix according to work schedules, then allocate resources depending on skills, availability and travel routes.
Automated Alerts
Receive automated email notifications of upcoming due dates or already overdue.
Component Management
Manage expected life, tracking, history and forecast of future events of all components of your equipment.
Preventative Maintenance Services
Full flexibility in the service cycle creation and task definition. Easily manage the service cycles, levels, tasks and hours to perform each task.
Backlog & Faults Management
A register of identified items of maintenance that need repair, at the next earliest opportune time, whether that be the next PM Service or when the machine is next available in its production schedule.
On-board Data Retrieval
Automatic downloading of Equipment EC Data and alerting of concerning events.
Integration With Your Systems
InfoTrak system talks to in-house business systems through its integration centre.
Equipment Inspections
Supports many different types of inspections indicating equipment and component condition.
Recording of data in the field and quick view of the equipment status.
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