Effectivelely manage your equipment

Data Commander is a comprehensive, cloud based software package for managing and monitoring the condition of your equipment and facilitating the maintenance of it.

Industry leading and globally trusted equipment condition management software.
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Laboratory Magagement & Fluid Analysis

Provides customers with a comprehensive system to track, analyze and manage the condition of their equipment through fluid samples. Users are given the analytical tools required to accurately view and manipulate sample data, send it to required personnel, complete and record corrective actions. Interested in just this? Check out Oil Commander

Inspection Management

Allows you to build custom inspection questionaires with a group of your own questions and possible answers. A mobile application is provided for ease of recording the data; it automatically flows into the main system where you can view the health of your equipment and provide corrective actions.
Photo of the lab system and some of its page of various devices.

Preventative Maintenance Management

Provides all the tools to make the management and performance of equipment Preventative Maintenance service simple. Customizable service tasks enable you to build your specific equipment service requirements into a user friendly PM task list. Lists can be applied to a single unit or a family of like units.

Predictive Maintenance Modeling

Takes Preventative Maintenance to a higher level by correlating condition based data, historical work completed, identified warning indicators with trouble shooting solutions and forecasted events to assist in predicting when servicing, tasks and component changes need to be completed.

Comprehensive Asset Management

A user friendly web portal enables you to manage all your equipment in one place. Easily view all current and historic inspection details of anything, plan and schedule future inspections and provide corrective actions to those responsible for managing the assets.
Photo of the web portal where you can view and manage all inspection data for your equipment.

Remote Monitoring

Condition based data in its many forms includes on-board faults with codes, inspection data collected in the field, fluid analysis results and more. All of this data is collected at different independent intervals, but needs to be assessed automatically with alarms raised to the relevant persons when exceptions occur so that they can be assessed and actioned.

Regulatory Compliance Management and Reporting

As EPA emissions policy continues to tighten, accurate collection and reporting of equipment fuel consumption, preventative maintenance services and emissions stack testing results are imperative to ensure your equipment is compliant with State and Federal regulatory requirements. Data Commander effectively manages all required data and assembles in report format for reporting to various agencies.
Screenshot of the fleet overview screen where the condition of all your machines is sumarised along with the latest health indicators for them.

Project Management

Covers the complete life span of any project from initial thoughts and discussions through quoting and proposal stages to the delivery of the project. Summary with drill to detail financial and task time controls are provided, and include reporting of project progress and financial month end performance. With Data Commander you are only a few key strokes away from understanding if you project is on time and on budget.

Sales Pipeline Management

We take Customer Relationship Management to the next level enabling pre and post sales data to flow directly into Project Management once a deal is won. Data Commander removes the requirement and frustration for duplicate data entry.

DATA Commander at a glance

  • 24/7 friendly customer support team
  • Laboratory management system
  • Automated reminders, notifications and alerts
  • Various reports can be automatically generated and emailed out to relevent parties
  • Preventative maintenance management to minimise your expenses
  • Regulatory Compliance Management and Reporting (eg. for EPA emissions policy)
  • Functionality rich customer portal allows users to view details and history of all data entered into the system
  • Enables easy communication of recommended corrective actions to be taken based on the results
  • Predictive maintenance modeling, allowing you to forecast the remaining life and prepare for repairs and replacements
  • Component performance reports are easily generated to enable you to get the most out of your equipment
  • Data Commander for mobile devices

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